Gift Registry Tutorial


Congratulations! Whether you’re getting married, moving into your first home or celebrating another wonderful milestone, your guests want to honour you with a beautiful gift. Make it easy by registering with us.

Building Your Gift Registry with Us is Simple

To add an item to your gift registry, simply find the item on our website, then click on the “Add to Registry” button. Simple!

Manage Your Gift Registry

1) 1. Manage your Registry Profile. Need to change your delivery address for receiving gifts? Need to update the date or title of your event? You can edit your event details, personal profile or privacy settings at any time. It’s just a simple click to switch your registry from Public access to Password-Protected or Private. (Tip: you may want to keep your registry in private view until you’ve finished building it and/or finalised your event details.)

2) View Gift Registry. Review items on your gift registry, see what’s already been purchased, what’s remaining and, occasionally, what’s no longer in stock.

3) Update Your Gift List. Changed your mind? You can add items, remove products you no longer need, or update quantities at any time.

4) Can’t Wait? Buy it now! You can purchase off of your own list any time by simply clicking “Add to Cart” and checking out as a customer.

Share Your Registry

Let your friends and family know you've registered with us. Choose between sending an email announcement and sharing your gift registry via Facebook.


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