How to Decorate with Colour

living in colour

Colour is the quickest way to bring your space to life and express your style, whether you like a little or a lot. Take a cue from UK-based textile designer Margo Selby, known for her bold use of colour and geometric patterns. Here’s how to embrace colour - from a small splash to a head-first dive.

“I always like a really strong pop of something bright.”

Margo Selby

Designed in Margo’s Whitstable studio, her West Elm collection is handcrafted by artisan weavers in India, bridging traditional craft techniques and a distinctly modern aesthetic. The unifying thread through her work? Graphic geometric and high-contrast colours, in doses large and small.


3 ways to decorate with colour

While sometimes intimidating, colour is here to help - it easily tailors to your style and comfort level. Here are three easy ways to bring it into your home, no matter where you fall on the crazy-for-colour spectrum.

add pops of colour with accessories

Pillows, artwork, vases and throws. Easy to refresh when the mood or season strikes, consider these low-commitment colour boosters.


Pro tip:

Avoid making every accent the same colour. To create dimension without going colour crazy,
choose a multicoloured rug or pillow you love, then pull out 2-3 colours from that pattern to serve as your palette.

think next-level with colourful furniture

From a splashy footstool to an armchair or bedside table, colourful furniture kicks your style game up a notch.


Pro tip:

Dusty pink, navy blue, wasabi green - these are the new neutrals that play well with others.
They add an unmissable pop without totally stealing the show.

go all out with paint

Feeling colour confident? A coat of paint on a door, accent wall or all-out room immediately emboldens neutral furniture.

Pro tip:

Before you paint wall-to-wall, tape up swatches and paint a test section to see how the colour looks in your space.
Check to see if the shade changes at different times during the day and night.

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