A Guide To Towels

A Guide To Towels

The right towel can turn basic bath time into luxurious spa time. From hotel-quality towels to durable family-friendly options,
here are helpful tips on how to pick the best towel.

Material Matters


ALL of our towels start with soft, 100% certified organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or synthetic fertilizers. We took it a step further, creating bath towels that are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the gold standard for organic textiles, and Oeko-Tex® Certified to be healthy for you + your home. Oeko-Tex® products are tested in a third-party lab and verified to be free from over 300 harmful substances found in many dyes and finishing agents, making them safe for you, your children, those with sensitive skin, and your home.


Cotton grown in Turkey is considered the best cotton for towels. Prized for its extra-long fibres that make the yarns thicker, more durable and incredibly soft, Turkish cotton is a popular choice for high-end hotels and spas. We use Turkish cotton for our fluffiest, most luxurious towel: the Organic Luxe Fibrosoft™ Towel.

Most of our towels are made in Guimarães, Portugal—a city known for its textiles heritage—by a company that’s specialized in making towels and terrycloth products for more than four decades.

In The Loop


The longer, the better— all of our towels are woven from long-staple cotton, which results in a stronger, smoother yarn for a softer, more durable towel.


GSM (grams per square meter) refers to the towel’s density and weight—in other words, how thick and absorbent the towel is. A lower GSM doesn’t necessarily mean a lower quality towel; it’s a matter of preference. Do you like a thinner, lightweight towel that dries fast? Look for a lower gram weight, like our 230 gram weight Organic Waffle Towels. For a towel that’s thicker, plusher and more absorbent, you’ll want to seek out a higher GSM, like our Luxe Fibrosoft™ Towels with a 600 gram weight.


Our Organic Luxe Fibrosoft™ Towels feature extra-long staple Turkish cotton yarns that are spun in a special, high-efficiency drying process that makes the yarns more flexible and creates more surface space. This unique process results in a plush, fluffy towel (that stays that way, even after washing) with maximum softness, high absorbency and a quicker drying time, without heavy weight.


Combed cotton, used in all our terry bath towels, removes the short fibres to maximize durability and strength. All of our towels also feature double-ply construction, which twists two yarns to form a single strand, creating a denser, more durable and longer-lasting towel with less linting. We also finish our towels with durable banded edges that will hold up in the wash to reduce fraying.

What's Your Style?


For an ultra-luxe towel that rivals any high-end hotel or spa, invest in extra-thick, fluffy Organic Luxe Fibrosoft™ Towels, which are made from long-staple cotton grown in Turkey, with two-ply yarns and a plush 600 gram weight. These also come in a generous bath sheet size.


Need to stock up on towels for the whole family? Opt for Organic Textured Towels. Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, these 500-gram towels offer softness and durability at a great price. Subtle ridges in the cotton give it a lightly invigorating texture.


For an artful addition to the bath, our fashion-forward Organic Sculpted Towels feature a two-ply, plush (550 gram weight) raised pile for pattern and texture that feels as good as it looks.


With proper care, a towel can maintain its softness and absorbency for years.

- First, wash towels once before the first use—this helps set colour, reduce lint and improve absorbency.

- Avoid using fabric softeners, which can leave a residue and reduce absorbency.

- Dry at a medium temperature, as high temperatures can reduce the towel’s soft texture.

- Also, keep in mind that makeup and certain skincare treatments (such as those with benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids) can stain a towel, so if that’s a part of your routine, choose white towels to avoid bleaching from skincare products and dark hand towels + washcloths for removing makeup and mascara.

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